I cry because…

I don’t want to be this way…

I silently cry because there is no one to hear me. No one to hold me and no one to comfort me.

I tried my hardest to be normal and it broke me. So here I am crying for a career that ended just as it had begun.

  • I cry for my efforts and those that saw through them as though they weren’t there.
  • I cry because I wanted to be normal for once.
  • I cry because I’ve lost it and it wasn’t my choice. Why does anyone think it is?
  • I cry because I’m sorry that your profit impedes you from having a heart and empathy.
  • I cry because this is my life.
  • I cry because deep down inside I’m still waiting for someone to save me.
  • I cry because I can. I’m so tired I didn’t think I’d have the energy to cry yet here I am.
  • I cry because I keep hoping happiness is just around the corner.
  • I cry because all I have is hope that maybe one Day life won’t be this way.
  • I cry because for some unknown reason I’m so damn sensitive.

I’m sorry


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