Remembering Dreams of Another Day

I dreamt of you last night. 

It was like you’d never gone. I felt so inexplicably safe again. You held me and I fell asleep in your arms. My strong front tumbled, and my caution disappeared. With you by my side I embraced my vulnerability. I woke up and you were still there. I was sure, that reality was then, but we spent the day together…and I woke up again… This time without you.

So much time has passed… and I still love you.

Do you ever miss me?

Do you ever ponder what we could’ve been? What we could’ve done…together?

I suppose I could ask you, You’re not dead, but we both deserve better.

Thank you, for that moment of peace, in my ever chaotic life. I won’t ever be by your side again, and that’s okay. It was nice to see you again, even if it was in my dreams.

I used to be so angry, and then I was depressed, and I’m sorry. We don’t choose who we love or when we fall out of love, I understand that now. 

I finally understand and believe that I don’t need to take a flower with me to love it just the same. 

One day, I’ll find my life partner. I’m not sure when, but I’m not in a rush. Love is a bonus, it’s not the goal. So thank you for the bonus.

Nothing is promised and nothing is fair – That’s life. I’m blessed for all of the love that I’ve had and all the strength that’s been lent to me on this journey.


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