Life: A Continuum of Change

Life is a continuum of change. It’s not the big changes that change our lives, it’s the small insignificant changes that go unnoticed.

I’ve spent my entire life in search of adventure, passion, growth and change, and I’d never realized it was the small changes that have made the biggest impact in my life.

My parents divorce didn’t change me, losing trust in my father, gradually losing touch with my siblings, that’s what changed me. It’s the gradual changes that have the biggest impact.

Losing the love of my life? Being told I’m not the love of his life? That was okay, it felt earth shattering, but really it wasn’t. I’d love again one day.  You know what did impact me in ways I never knew? Not having him around, to read to me when I’m stressed, and not spending my nights philosophizing with him. The key aspects of who I was with him and who I ceased to be without him, those changed me, those impacted me, and I never gave them a moment of thought.

I thought a prince charming would save me, but you know what did save me?

  • Being cognizant of my triggers
  • Learning to be patient
  • Cutting out negative people from my life
  • Learning when to speak up and when to stay quite

You see, like everyone, I had to fall quite a few times, before realizing that life is always changing, it just changes so gradually that we hardly recognize it. I THINK that the small changes make the biggest impact in WHO I AM because they change me so gradually that I don’t even notice it. For better or worse, I’m hardly the person I once was, and that’s okay, because life is about growth, it’s a journey full of pain, struggle, happiness, and triumph. Remember life is a continuum of change.


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