One Morning

One morning I woke up and realized I didn’t need you anymore and since you haven’t called me I think the same happened to you long ago. It’s the oddest feeling. I’m not sad or happy or relieved like I thought I would be when I wished to stop needing you.

I no longer have the urge to share my life with you. I don’t need your advice any more and I think I’ve lost the over the top respect I had for you.

One morning like any other morning was how it would eventually be. All it took was patience, distance and time to heal a wound deeply imbeded and snuff out a love so unwanted.

One morning was how it would be…

It’s so amazing the infinite posibilities that come with one morning. This morning or the next. Life seems to go by so slow and yet too fast to truly grasp.

One morning can change everything.


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